What do trainees learn?

They will learn niche and happening technology and business trend called BPM (Business Process Management) , and specialised technologies such as Pega , Opensource BPM, Selenium test automation etc , depending on their proficiency level, as per our assessment.

What do the trainees have to pay?

Charges for CSA training
Charges for CSSA training
*Online certification charges to be paid to Pegasystems online

How do we help them?

We cross train or upskill them on Pega platform and enable them to get certified as CSA/CSSA.
We support extensively in job placements too

How are we different?
  • We leverage the past and current experience of the lateral to give them a jump start to the learning
  • Our training is completely workshop oriented.
  • There is a good balance of class room theory sessions , hands-on sessions , role play , workshops and offline assignments over a period of 3 months that will make them “Pega Ready”.
  • By the end of the training the trainees have a good know how of atleast 3 business domains where Pega workflow can be implemented
  • The Laterals are transformed as techno functional experts
Who comes to us?
  • 2-15 years experience bracket
  • Java resources
  • Sharepoint , other workflow resources
  • Seibel CRM , oracle , SAP resources
  • Resources who want to learn new technology
  • Resources who have heard of Pega and growth opportunities

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Our Value


Our Value

T - Time is Money

On time to market, on time to complete training , on time to serve our customers in the hours of need , on time to meetings – We understand in today’s world time is money and it is the most precious Jewel. We value every second of our trainees, our staff and our clients. A minute well spent in effective learning is a minute of acquiring power, because knowledge is power!

Our Value

H - Honesty

We operate with honesty in all our transactions, be it training and feedback to our trainees, or commitments made to our clients

Our Value

I - Integrity

We demonstrate strong morale principles in our training and consultancy services. We talk what we can do and we do what we talk.

Our Value

S – Social Responsibility

Our endeavour is to shape the careers of youngsters and deserving experienced professionals. We aim at being guides and mentors to the deserving people so that they carve out a good career road map for themselves. We support organisations by fulfilling their skill demands on time with right staff. We also ensure that underprivileged student community who deserve education and enablement are provided with the right platform to learn and work.

We do both inhouse and corporate batches.
Contact us at shajan@paleetu.com or bindu@paleetu.com for your queries or training requests.